NYC Bloggers Meet x NSOG

Yesterday was a SUPER busy day and quite amazing. I stopped by the NYC Bloggers Meet hosted by @the.grey, who decided to meet at the Nespresso Boutique and Cafe in Soho, Manhattan. Little did she know we would be a total of about 40 fashion bloggers (say what?!) attending this event, so we moved around a bit to accommodate the newcomers. Although I was there only briefly, I swapped IG handles and blog sites with some of the other ladies. Check out Sitting Pretty Styling for more pictures by blogger/photographer Stylefeen (first two pictures below). Also big thanks to Ricky's, Sephora, Printed Village, Gypsy Warriors, ZeroUV and Commodity Goods for sponsoring Jeanne's event, can't wait to try them all out ! 

Phew! I rushed over to the next event taking place at the Hilton midtown, Nothing Short of Greatness with Alexandra Elle, who I've met in January for "Words from A Wanderer" book signing, Rob Hill Sr. and Eric Thomas. I was very familiar with the first two authors, as I've been following them for about a year or two now, thanks to social media buzz. As a writer, I'm always looking for new inspiration to combat stagnancy, and I was extremely grateful to have met Eric Thomas, the "hip hop preacher." This panel revolved around life, love and loss and I also found a deep connection to religion and spirituality amongst all three writers. If you are ever in need of a pick-me-up and some practical words of encouragement, follow them; I've attached a couple of short videos so you can hear for yourself.