To You.

I know it's hard but you have amazing potential ahead of you. I know it and so do you.

Have you ever reached deeper into your creation, beyond the importance of getting recognized, likes, comments, reblogs/retweets, followers? Have you allowed yourself that vanity, to celebrate you? Have you ever wanted to share, simply for the very nature of sharing and connecting? Have you ever dove head first into your art, with no consent and no warning whatsoever, so focused on the mechanics of what's in front of you, a pen, paper, paintbrush, camera or clay etc.? Have you ever given your all to something that it was almost automatic and unconscious, practice after practice, habits becoming beauty to a foreigner's eye? 

Allow wholeheartedly and shamelessly for your passion to take over. There will be no doubt other's will see your light, if only you'd adopt it more frequently to share with the rest of us. 

I know it's hard but you have amazing potential ahead of you. I know it and so do you.