With Love

I saw my worth in people. No, not in the physical & tangible aspect of people but within what I do for people; this one is more about me than about you: Love is my gift and my superpower.

Love. I function, feed and only want to imbue deep love. Don't we all? I have grown to realize how much I love to shower people and this shows in how much I have heard how creative or crafty I am, how my siblings (secretly) hope I get them for secret Santa because I apparently give good gifts, how I receive what may seem the littlest but most meaningful heartfelt messages about presents I've given. At that point, I realized I have reached my goal and strive to reach more hearts. 

Love. I love love and functioning out of love in all that I do and from the things I have chosen NOT to do because of love. Does that make sense? Here's a little french, and pardon for any mistake but, "je suis douΓ©e aux arts." The best translation of this expression is to be gifted or having such talent for something such as art, for me. Think of it this way: like Christmas, all of our gifts will vary, you don't want the same wool socks as your brother or that blowdryer like your sister. Find your gift and channel all that you do through it. From my perspective, I don't consider myself any more "creative" than you are. I have always loved art, for sure, but I also think everything can be recreated without the obstacle of money or branding. I find an idea and I pursue; often I have failed, and sometimes I don't. That's the difference between my being "creative" and those around prematurely disclaiming their ability to perform what I just did. You gotta actually do something about it in and, with a sprinkle of my empathetic nature, I create so-called magic.

That's the secret, love and having the hunger to show love in my work, any way possible. To go back to what I mentioned earlier, I saw my worth in people and how they reacted towards my gifts. Because I put so much work in them, I value their reaction and reciprocation, to see what I can do better for next time. I can't be afraid of constructive criticism if I want to improve and grow in love. I know I have a heart of gold, I know for a fact my love is strong, and I know when I mean it. I don't say any of this out of conceit but, sometimes, you have to say it for yourself rather than wait for someone to confirm your worth to you. I see my worth in how I treat people more than how they treat me. Do you comprehend? It's irrelevant what you feel towards me or however you choose to treat me. It will show, and I will feel it in your energy. It is my fuel and if I don't get what I need from you or your vibes tells me I am not needed, I won't waste my time; someone else simply needs my gift more than the previous person.

Say what you need to say; if they don’t understand, it wasn’t meant for them anyway.
— Anon