Foods of New York Tours

I had a super tourist moment: food tour in downtown Manhattan. My brother in law proposed this activity for my sister's birthday outing. If you know me, I love anything that involves New York and culture so I was all for it. However, I was initally skeptical because although I've taken a BYOB painting class as well as cooking class, the thought of eating and touring, especially in the dead of the winter, seemed improbable.

Luckily, we were indoors for most of this tour, specifically the "Heart of the Village Food & Culture Tour." Our guide was extremely knowledgeable and enthusiastic during the entire outing: we tasted Indian mango purées/lassi, authentic Italian bolognese, Mexican tacos and French patisserie, just to name a few. I'll list the restaurants we stopped by -as for the food, well, I'd rather show you what we ate below. Bon appétit !

  •     Cafe Dante - Oldest Italian Cafe/Eatery in Greenwich Village
  •     Masala Times - Indian Street Food Eatery
  •     Artichoke Pizza - Famous Pizza Joint
  •     Monte's - Family-run Italian Restaurant
  •     Toloache - Upscale Mexican
  •     Sullivan Tea - Charming Shop with Mafia History
  •     Francois Payard Bakery - French Bakery

For more about this specific tour, Heart of the Village Food & Culture, click here.