A Love Perfect

Happy January 1st, 2014! 

I really wanted to post this before today ended. I didn't have much time to think of a new year resolution (365 days is never enough time, right?), I still have some leftovers from my summer bucket list that I'm crossing off ! Speaking of, look out for my #wanderlustadventuretale from Madagascar very soon, the rest of the pictures will be sporadic and mainly on my Flickr page.

I do know that this year I want to grow stronger in my faith and work on my soul, or should I say let God work on my soul. I realized this necessity around the very end of 2013, not through one specific event but the culmination of the tumultuous months. We are reminded of God's presence everywhere around us but I completely neglected how present the devil was as well, and that was eye opening for me. I was naΓ―ve about many things and overprotected by my elders that I couldn't even imagine how easily and manipulatively the devil planned his attacks. I don't mean to scare my readers away, that was my experience but if you'd like to talk more about this or if you can relate then enlighten me please, my contact form awaits you !

Nevertheless, I am grateful for where I stand presently but I am not satisfied yet; I want stronger relationships with my family and friends as well as to understand my faith and God. Does that make sense? Well, I will let you know around this time next year. God works in mysterious ways, perhaps He knows this will bear more fruit than my usual self-centered resolutions. I just came across this lovely challenge on Instagram only two days ago by @saunyaaa (A Love Perfect), her posts are simple but inspirational; I have encountered a lot of talented artists through social networking recently, mostly writers and illustrators whose personal work push me to reflect deeper and to reach a higher level in my own creations.

The goal of the #prayerproject is to increase awareness on selfless love. For the entire month of January, you choose an individual that is on your heart and you update a daily prayer journal dedicated to them. At the end of the month it is your call if you want to share it with them. Simple as that! You have total control of what you want to write about, you can even choose to pray for more than one person over the course of the month. None of us are perfect in faith and I have always appreciated guidance thus, I advise my readers who have are having difficulty retreating back to their beliefs or struggling with prayer to join this beautiful challenge with me! 

Go, go, go !