Airports, they are interesting places. The waiting is one of the most anticipated moments for those planning trips as well as those awaiting for loved ones counting down months, weeks, hours before the day of. Whether you are in line checking in, before security, before boarding or waiting for an arrival at the terminal, ultimately, the journey ahead is worth the what-seems-to-be never-ending wait. I recently went to pick up my mother and found myself people-watching : fatigued security guards, employees, passengers weaving through to catch a connecting flight, impeccably matching flight attendants rolling majestically in and out and, especially, the travelers and greeters.

Don't be so hasty to judge me and my pastimes, it only took my mother about an hour until she stepped out of those sliding doors.

So here I was conducting my mini social experiment. The moment was as ephemeral as the flights above but trust me when I tell you the momentary reactions, a smile, a wink, a shy smile or blank stares are priceless. It's actually pretty moving to see the emotions on people's faces from the eagerness in their steps as they tug on their luggages to their hopeful eyes and hints of smiles. Aside from the lonely travelers, most seemed to be scouting the crowd, scouting for love, for security, for good company, for newfound hopes, for an adventure, for forgiveness. There's often a sudden bolt of energy as soon as they recognize a familiar face followed by elongated hugs and kisses, blushing rosy faces that proves more than words can ever say.

I wonder if someone was watching me as I greeted my mother; what will your expression say?