And just like that

I won't sugarcoat that graduation was all that I expected it to be and sprinkle some fairydust that I lived happily ever after. If you happen to be on the East Coast in New York for the past 48 hours, you must have felt that heat wave all afternoon with me -correction, since yesterday morning. It was like big, long, sweaty hug from nature. See, if it was any other random day, I may have tagged along to the beach happily to work on my tan like 98% of NYC.

With my soon-to-be-officialized environmental studies degree, I can tell you all about why you should not wear black on a hot day, the effects of 2,600 graduates in black attires under the scorching sun, witnessing the full effects of urban heat islands as we drove back, drenched and antsy to be home, windows open spewing hot and humid air because the A/C wasn't working. I really think Commencement is the another lesson on its own: lets put them in the most non-reflective and heat-absorbing attire starting at 8AM, walk all around campus for half an hour during this Indian summer day before we seat them under the cloudless sky, sedating us with purposely ongoing speeches about one man's autobiography; make it through today and you get the degree ! It was the perfect concoction for a hot and impatient crowd.

It wasn't a full out bust, I got to take pictures and say goodbye to my fellow peers, had my balloon fly to the ceiling in the cascading classrooms of Remsen Hall only to get it back and was treated to an amazing lunch at a French restaurant (and complimentary champagne) with the family.The weeks and months of uncertainty await me. What's next? You tell me.