College Dazedreaming

Is it weird I still can't believe I finished college? 8 months later and it still feels like a vacation, a hiatus, a temporary #summerforever. It's as if at the end of January I'll be back in those bland classrooms excitedly picking up a syllabus I will soon dread.

In the real world, -well you have to search and really go after the things you want if you want them bad enough. It's Charles Darwin out here; I enjoyed coming out of a semester knowing a little more. I know I can do that on my own time now but there's the professor and class discussions, the never ending readings and exams that I secretly like acing. My secret to success? Make yourself your own competition and stop getting distrcted by looking at the person next to you. Chances are they won't be there at the top with you, not because they are no good but they have their own individualized mountain to climb with entirely different obstacles, paths and peaks from yours.

I have had this conversations with friends who are still in school and the convenience of opportunities in college compared to now: I'm talking fixing your resume 3 more times for that one job, reading a book for leisure out of inspiration, honing your skills through workshops, Googling events for the weekend because there are no more dive bar flyers with those girls that are never at the bar, networking at social events that's not about all about twerking contests and kegstands, finding and making the right relationships work etc.

Where was I going with this post? I don't really remember, that happens often.

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