Favorite Blogs !

For my newbies and an update for the veterans, I'd like to introduce my favorite bloggers and inspirations since Day 1 and what better time then now ?

Kyoko has a blog:

One of the very first people I followed on Tumblr whose post was always on point with lots of comic and anime references. It's the ordinary life happenings with the occasional sprinkles of heartaches but her I-will-tell-it-like-it-is style naturally captivated my attention. Besides Kyoko's sense of humor, her down to earth personality, her words all so raw and personal yet still comprehensive to any reader definitely inspired the writer in me; she read the thoughts from my head and took the words out of my mouth.

e.g.: Let's Be Honest

The Sky in Front:

Calling philosophers and dreamers, this blog had the answers to all the questions concerning life-etiquette. From her recent posts all the way to the most ancient, Marenna's writings mirror her free-spirited and debonair-self. Each post is but a portion of her unapologetic journey through life which made me keep up with her blog. Strongly recommended for lovers of deeper meanings and wanderlust anecdotes.

e.g.: A Test, or Sign?

Mynamesdiana, dirty diana:

This girl is stunning. Diana started out on Tumblr (like most of us) and it seems to me got famous for her natural and bold features. Not your average content-heavy blog however, great visuals for those into urban street fashion and photography (yes, you should know by know I support my fellow big-haired ladies from everywhere and anywhere). Recommended for music aficionados as well!

stellablu, By Stella Blu:

Besides her exotic looks and luscious curls that I envy so much, Stella's personal artwork and travel pictures are definitely worth a look on her IG.

Love You Duh:

Nonchalantly sporting lingerie slips to her signature collection of Grey City booties, I have finally met my all year round fashion go-to. Ithica never looked so good with its deserted bland scenery. From "Deep Shit" to "Fashion Schmashion," I have always been lured towards bloggers who were both artistic and verbally-inclined.

Beauty Crush:

I initally enjoyed her as a YouTube beauty guru but loved her more for her sense of fashion and amazing lookbook collection. Living in a major fashion metropole and working in SoHo, I now have a growing fascination for U.K. fashion, thanks to this lovely gal. Plus, how do you ignore that British accent?


Who else is famous enough to chill with Diddy yet remains low-key and approachable at her many social events, here in NYC! Tomboy, Va$htie is the face and creative mind behind the brand, Violette (think designer meets vintage) and now DJs at Webster Hall House Party on Thursdays. Her site tackles her personal work as a director and an updated blog on all the city happenings ! I have yet to meet her strolling in the streets of Lower East Side or by the Bean.


P.S: Also, peep her feature with The Coveteur.

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