Getting the Message

Drafted on June 17, 2013;

It goes a little like this: You want to catch up with an old friend or made new ones. Perhaps it's a family member you've wanted to reconcile with. You talk about making plans "really soon" as you gush over how much you initially think you have in common. You decide to take initiative and go forward with some plans, seems pretty mutual, so why not? Soon after, the bomb drops and you sense the skepticism and uneasiness in the other person's response.

A week or two passes and you figure why not give it another go; same scenario.

Word of advice? Don't bother reaching out more than you need to if, and especially, when your instincts tell you not to. Three strikes and you're out. I learned there isn't such a thing as being too nice, rather it's being too naïve. Tolerance has a threshold, don't let people abuse your trust. If you find yourself bending backwards and doing 360s for someone who isn't even willing to do the least, spare yourself and take a hint. Relationships are not the Olympics and there's a 99% chance that you aren't Gabby Douglas to be stunting back handsprings or walkovers.

Surely, you cannot keep making excuses for people if it impedes your own success and happiness; it takes two and the best relationships and friendships should be effortless. I believe my pocketful of "maybe," "but" and "sorry" have reached capacity, I just never stepped back to realize how much it's weighed me down. Who's weighing your pockets down?