Give A Fuck

Warning: Explicit language.

Excuse my French but give a fuck. Give lots of fucks if you are a conscious, feeling, breathing human being unlike those others pretending not to give a single fuck. It's okay. The shamefulness and embarrassment of caring too much is fleeting, shake that off. Feel what you feel, indulge a little more, love more than you promised yourself not to. Giving a fuck is a sign of strength to me, not weakness. It means you are normal. It means you aren't repressing or holding grudges. You've heard friends, lovers and family remind you constantly, "Keep it real, " and "Honesty first." It means don't bottle things until they implode and leak in the form of your insecurities and negativity. I don't know about you but we all know this leads to a disaster. If you didn't give a fuck then you didn't care for whatever it is your heart is tugging at. 

Give a fuck and release some mental baggage.