Grads of 2014

The work you do while you procrastinate is probably the work you should be doing for the rest of your life.
— Jessica Hische

Dear readers:

No, I have not forgotten about you. In fact, I have been thinking about you more than ever. The amount of things I have had in store, its been a terrible repression. I've been pushing it off now but comes June, I will be on top of things again. If you have kept with my timeline, Subject to Change is almost a year old; only 365 days ago I was stressing and prepping for graduation.

Quick words of advice for my 2014 grads:

There is an unsurmountable and unspoken pressure to find what you're "meant to do/be." No one tells you it's not about becoming a billionaire as soon as your cap and gown comes off. Ambition is great but you don't need to make the cover of Forbes magazine to determine your worth. A diploma isn't a paper with the following life instructions as people make it to be; keep that in mind.

Wherever life takes you, just do anything. You won't always get the job you fantasied of but you'll get to where you need to be if you keep moving. A degree isn't a barrier to tunnel vision the eye-opening opportunities ahead. Don't retire so soon only to reverse into your unquelled youth. Other times, as I did, you will naturally retreat to old passions and hobbies; find what you love and do it to the best of your ability. When you are good, you tell people; when you are great, they will tell you.

It will be a journey and still is, not only with every new internship and job but I encountered a surprising difficulty in maintaining post-grad friendships. Perhaps it was from being in a constant social setting with people of my own age then thrusted into corporate workplaces where everyone seemed a bit more older and experienced than I was... Perhaps many of my peers were finally finishing off the Great Senior Year, unaware of the same things I then took for granted.

Until then, start and pursue your own bucket list.


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