Hurt or Injured?

Independence is one thing but, too often, we have confused this with isolation and our pride pushes us to believe we can take on the world on our own. I'm all for self-sufficiency and finding what makes me happy, -yes, we choose and make our happiness as well as how we want want to act towards these instances- however, I won't deny that there are times when good company is much appreciated.

We are social beings, why else in the world are there 7,092,362 other people (10:10PM) roaming this Earth as I speak... -er, type? I have found myself trapped in déjà-vu conversations of people being so fearful of opening up or getting attached for x reasons and all I could think of was, "What a shame that no one ever got to know you because you made yourself an obstacle." You are hurting the present by allowing your past to be an excuse for your future. Our reluctance to try because of likelihood of getting hurt has instead hindered potentially great relationships ! Occasionally, things may simply fall apart for the better and for no reason. I rarely dwell but lately I can't help but wonder about my lost friendships: where would things be if we actually tried? Could they have made me a better person? How different would I have been?

We become too afraid to make things work but ask yourself if you are hurt or injured; take a breather while you are on the floor, cloud-watch and swim a bit longer in your depression but, if and when you can, get back up. Make an impression in someone's life, stir them up emotionally and mentally; push your surroundings to be better versions of themselves and get rid of the mindset that we are competing to outshine each other.