If The Piece Fits

You ever played with a jigsaw puzzle? I'm not a fan but I am familiar with the concept, as I'm sure you are as well. Each piece must fit perfectly on all four corners to be completed and create the image. Simple enough. Have you ever gotten lazy and impatient and thought, "Hmm, this almost looks like it could fit..." as you force it into the space. We are all piecing our puzzle while simultaneously drawing out the episodes, constantly erasing and altering the image. Also, we tend to let people piece it for us, accepting mindlessly their idea of how things are "supposed" to be according to their reality. Sometimes a piece we would like (and wish with all of our might) to fit within our puzzle just doesn't seem to work despite all efforts. What we don't know is that often, our desires won't necessarily match with the heavens' and your desire for something to be may not deserve you or vice versa. Maybe life's got more prepping and practice for you to do down the road until the big reveal. Granted, life allows for some flexibility and you just may get what you wish for if you force the piece enough. Well, at that point all I can say is lucky you!
The sooner we accept the responsibility to take control of our life, the easier it is to start our puzzle without the consent of our surroundings. That's my mini anecdote about life and its many turn of events, our dreams vs. reality.

Date:9/13/2013 1:05 AM

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