I don't believe in lowering expectations or losing hope. Keep them, use them as templates for your achievements. Match your standards to your goals, realistically. Maintain your innocence for the leftover good in this world. You will find these moments only in the darkest corners. Seek them and share your light.

I don't believe you can fully flee from disappointment either. It's bound, prepare yourself and know better. Move on from the toxic reoccurancies. The second you attempt to break free from any of these three, expectations, hope and disappointment, you lose a bit of you.

Be true to you, know yourself and keep on. Don't let the bitterness surrounding you swallow you whole, or strip you of your beliefs.

There is no such thing as caring too much. Don’t ever inhibit the capacity of your heart. Let it feel what its meant to feel.
— Saunya
Most think I’m too emotional. Yet my emotions will forever be one of my great influences. For a man without emotions is like a blank canvas; never touched by the colors of love, paint or experience.
— ThisLion Cahtame