Countdown to the rest of my life begins...now. I hate that term "real world," can someone please tell me where have I been living for the past 20 years then? Under a rock, preparing for this notorious chapter of my life? If what I have been through so far was only practice round, I can't say I am too excited to enter this new phase of highs and lows and mids.

Here's a brief history and explanation of why a blog: I've had about 3 or 4 Tumblrs so far, some which are probably still extant and I have tried to be more "me" after each new one I make. I think Twitter was created for people like me with too many thoughts in the corners of our minds, although I'm not for the "140 characters and less;" thus, here we are. I wanted each new membership to be as original as possible, promising myself to stop re-blogging and reposting quotes and images (I can't promise this but I vow to only use as necessary). Each post, I reread to make sure I have portrayed my thoughts as clear as I want them to be perceived, may it be through notes, art, videos, poems etc. and bear with me because it will be a very intimate experience for someone who likes to keep everything to herself.

My caveat? Don't expect to come back to my blog tomorrow to find everything at it was the day before; whether it is my title, the color schemes, the font or background are all subject to change within moments, like everything else around you.

Post-grad bucket list #1: I want to (re-) learn HTML, therefore, everyday will be an experiment until I can settle and you better deal with it.

Despite my little rant above, I am extremely excited to be done with school and homework and all the shenanigans for the time being. I can't wait for me time, and figuring it out one day at a time, the likes and dislikes, passion and fury. This blog is my little journey for those who ever cared enough to wonder about how I am doing post-college, hopefully along the way I can reach out to a familiar stranger I've met in the street or in class once upon a time.

First thing's first, and that is to release of the unnecessary burdens that may have once meant everything to me from old papers, books, worn out shoes and backpacks, meal plans and printing money to relationships.

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