Start with kisses. Always.

I have been having a hard time writing lately with so much going on that I don't know where to begin to gather my thoughts. It's nearly 2am and this came to me, a thought I have kept and tried to verbalize. I contemplated a few minutes ago to wait until February for Valentine's day but that's too far off and I was hoping you might have missed my writings as much as I have. Why wait to share, life is constantly subject to change... no pun intended. 

You meet a family member, a friend, a lover; Hug them and kiss them. Don't forget. Why such insistence? Because this universe is moving at the speed of light; because today is the only today you are given to do the things you had to do today; because the times we spend together does not guarantee a golden ticket to the next rendezvous nor promise we'll make it through the next minute or hour. Human emotions are ephemeral; one minute we're skipping hand-in-hand then next we're throwing punches at the same person. Don't blame one party's hormones because truthfully you're as vulnerable, just behind closed doors. For the haughty, and no I'm not talking about your looks, your pride won't keep you warm when you are gray and old, wait and see. You will regret to have missed an opportunity to bask in their warm embrace when you look back to the "should've, could've, would'ves." Therefore, kiss, just show any affection as you see fit! Hold onto those sweet moments with a familiar face a little longer and tighter.

And if you get far enough, end with kisses always and as often.