Send It On

Too much negativity has impeded my path towards greatness. Like no jokes. I've been praying for God to perform some miracle while I'm here dwelling on the worst of first impressions to a potentially great occasion. 

We spoke and we made a compromise: He told me to release that bad and ugly energy completely or to the best of my ability, before He can even begin his consultation as where to start with me. I am that mess in a dress. And that's okay. But I have to deal with my sh*t before I cross my fingers and click my heels together that the burden will lift itself. 

Forgive me for my lack of metaphors but thought experiment: Think of that retail job you so loved and disregard your mediocre efforts during your 5 grueling months there. Imagine instead being the greatest sales associate and selling your product so well that you start to believe in the gibberish you repeat daily. Similarly, aim to be  employee of the month in your life ! As long as it's good, positive gibberish about yourself, don't stop; be your own biggest fan! Spoiler alert: it won't get better especially not because of anyone else. 

Don't be the Debby Downer on other people's parades because it's raining on yours. You want positivity? Be. You want good vibes? Feel. Speak the things you want into existence, breath life into your inmost desires and wishes. You certainly won't be able to do it on your own but you are the only one who can start the motion and send it on.