Oh, Happy Day

This is going to be short and sweet.

Can I just start by saying how amazing my graduation shinding turned out? You there who attended, -I thank you. You there who couldn't make it, -I shall see you soon. Early morning was scorching-chili-peppers-hot again, but the clock was ticking and the show had to go on. Funfact: I love family supermarket trips and roaming through the aisles in search for the next item on the list...minus the 40 degree refrigerated room at Western Beef. The family marinated some bomb shish-kabob apparently, which I unfortunately didn't get the pleasure of enjoying. However, I was extremely satisfied with the turnout and I got presents ! Yes, balloons and Frappucino amongst the many sweet little gifts! I plan to make a post on what I received because people were too darn creative and appreciation is always smiled upon. It's become a yearly event now, I don't know how or why because I don't recall wanting to host any summer BBQs (the buying and cleanup is the dreaded part) but it happened and 'twas a success ! Overall, it was above and beyond what I planned thanks to those who helped make it happen and those who attended.