To Love & Be Loved

The past week has been mentally, emotionally and physically draining. There is still so much to be processed and I can't begin to explain but I have learned a couple of things, especially about loving. It's a touchy subject we're not accustomed to talking about which only makes it more necessary to bring it up.

Let's do a thought experiment: think of the people that are truly precious to you and ask yourself if you renew your love for them daily. Do you make them better and feel that you receive that love back? Are you there during the lows as much as the highs you live for? We claim to have a small circle of close friends, of ride or dies, your "no new friends, still here with my day ones," so can you honestly admit to tend to each of your relationships in that tight group of people? Think about it, and think a little deeper. If you find you do, then don't stop; if not, then you're better off calling strangers friends. I understand life is demanding but don't get caught up in the thrill and your personal success to only forget your support system. That can't be an excuse to forget simple acts of kindness and gratitude, the little things I often speak of which I am starting to believe matter so much more than inconsistent "big things" that are suppose to make up for what you missed out on daily. Drop a heartwarming text, leave a voicemail for them to hear during a lunch break, invite them for a walk and find a pretty view, leave corny notes in places they check, send sunflowers, grab two cups of tea and surprise them. Be creative, find anything that shows you spent time and took the effort to show your love.

No matter your belief or whomever you go to in times of trouble, what if you were only given what you thanked and were grateful for yesterday? An attitude of gratitude can tremendously shift and strengthen relationships, try it. That would be my greatest regret, that I wasn't able to love and show love to someone I cherished.

Do you let it break you, or do you use it build you? Do you let them change you, or do you learn to change who you’re around? Don’t tell me about how you were hurt before. Show me what you did to get better. Show me how that pain increased your desire to give love.
— Rob Hill Sr.

R.I.P Andri