What's Up?

I apologize if it seems I've neglected you, never that. What's really been up with me? Well, I work full time with upcoming high school Seniors (oh, those times) teaching environmental issues, pruning basics and tree stewardship in New York City. In the past 2 months I've learned that most trees in NYC are London Planetree (go to Bryant Park), some caged trees we see nowadays were around before 1920s when they were used to prevent horses from chewing off the bark and how to differentiate the three most common Lindens (Littleleaf, Silver, American), to name a few. Long story short, you and I can now go jogging around the neighborhood, or Central Park if you prefer, and I could try to tell you what kind of tree we are passing and its habit. Since Biology, I really got into binomial nomenclature (in other words, the formal system of naming species) so I easily picked up TreeID and wildflower ID. To concluded this spiel, I just finished a beautiful novel this afternoon, "The Language of Flowers" by Vanessa Diffenbaugh; I can only tell you how fortunate and grateful I was for this $2 find from Brooklyn.

Stay awesome, new posts and pictures coming soon!