What's Up (again)?

I hope everyone is enjoying the beginning of chilly fall weather. I spoke too soon when I said I would be excited for tea-dates and sweaters. I love tea for those who don't know, mostly black tea with hints of rose hips and anything bergamot, it's like a warm hug in the palm of your hands ! I will be the one to testify that they really do keep you warm, try a cup of tea before running for your bus in the morning and try skipping that cup, feel the difference for yourself. I do appreciate any local tea spot recommendations that you think I should visit in the upcoming weeks, so far I've visited Starbucks (duh), Teavana, David's Tea and Argo Tea. Funfact? I love deli and coffee-cart tea, they're cheap and usually have a decent variety such as Earl Grey, English Breakfast or, if I'm really lucky, Lady Grey.

This is part two of my update since mid-summer. What's new? Well, I finished with my forester students a couple weeks ago, quite the experience being out each day against all elements: the heat, the sun, the streets, the mosquitoes, the cleaning, the sweat, the blood and, fortunately, no tears. It's weird actually having all this time to myself now. Two decades later, I still recall the feeling of having class next morning and setting up my alarm for the week, half excited to meet new people, half anxious about the amount of work ahead. When I knew my friends were back in school, I felt like I was skipping and should be in class... then again, I was never for those morning sessions so maybe if I woke up just a little bit later, the feeling would be more realistic.

But honestly, I miss college. Everything besides the deadlines and grades and exams. Ironically, I realize college never gives you the solution to the problems professors spend 15 weeks ranting about through Powerpoints, lectures, classroom activities and ancient notes from when they initially established the course. Finding the solution is what you are expected to do with your degree once in the "real world"; this is why school is always in session, there will always be more to learn.

Currently, I'm still with the same organization part-time and simultaneously pursuing a photography internship while I have the time and motivation to do so. It's always been a tucked-away hobby until I worked with film cameras and darkroom photography in January. That was an eye-opening experience, thus why I got my first DSLR the month after, for my birthday ! (Speaking of, guess what's 5 months from today) I'm also volunteering for a photography exhibition event to push myself out of my comfort zone, make use of my free time and meet people in the field. This is quite a heavy update post because there's still so much I want to say; my bucket list is moving along and I have tons of to-do list this fall to prepare for an exciting spring so bear with me on this journey and look out for my personal Flickr account soon !

Lastly, I'm so happy to have loyal readers coming back, new and old. I have slowly climbed past 4,000 views so the support is well-appreciated and this is my very big thanks for the messages, comments, phone calls, text messages and emails !

Ecstasy, is a cup full of Earl Grey tea and a hint of sugar in the mouth. And whoever this ‘Earl Grey’ fellow is, I’d like to have a word with him.
— Anon