Wanderlust Adventure

 Analakely with cousins

Analakely with cousins

Well, the journey to was a breeze and that's coming from this girl here who used to dread airplanes. I considered it one of my worst fears; fear is all in your mind, I concur from this experience. Remember: wine, cheese and some good music soothes the soul. You couldn't even tell when we landed in Antananarivo, there were no NYC bright lights scattered to mark illuminated households. I don't think I was able to bask in the moment but it was emotional feeling the wheels of the plane land and vibrate under our feet. I was welcomed by a grasshopper flying into my hair -oh, joyful Madagascar, I knew you missed me too!

I kept a passport journal, some pictures from my phone are posted below... don't judge my drawings. My daily schedule resembled this (times vary by half an hour more or less, blame jet lag) :

6:00 AM - wake up in bed, watch my father run around and get ready, fall back asleep

7:45 AM - helper knocks with fresh bread and juice (I live for breakfast whether it's bacon and eggs, rice or bread and butter with thΓ© au lait), dad leaves for work

8:30 AM - family comes over to visit, cousins bring over more food before work (yum!)

9:00 AM - propaganda bus roams around town, sleep is no longer in the building

10 to 11 AM - brush teeth, eat, take pictures on the balcony, eat, get dressed

12:00 PM - LEAVE HOUSE, otherwise jet lag with heat combination (no A/C) and you'll be back in bed

The rest of the day varied from going to supermarkets and trying out different foods, visiting family, visiting churches, visiting town and, of course, lots of sleeping.

Enjoy !