Invest in your craft.

If "Subject to Change/Hello, I'm Mia" taught me anything, it's to keep on. I started only over a year ago from May, and I still have so much to share and journey through. I've had people approach me, friends and strangers alike, who have been inspired by how I have grown over the past year. Although it's not much of a growth from the writer's point of view, it's significant support and feedback to keep me moving forward. I want to grow as a writer and photographer and I welcome all critiques and any helping hand.

Now, when I say invest, I mean save up that paycheck to be better equipped for your passion: cameras, website, makeup brushes, boxing gloves, sewing machine, basketball sneakers; whatever it is you do and like doing, keep a separate piggy bank for that. You will find a way to get exactly what you need if you put your mind to it, wisely. With that being said, it means sacrificing a night out or two, think long-term treat yourself.

Outsiders only see the end result of your sacrifices; estranged friends show up, hoping to feed off your success; don't allow the Outsiders or Estranged to become a factor now.