Loopy Doopy

Guess who got her driver's license? My awesome siblings decided treat me for drinks that night (ironic). Loopy Doopy is a rooftop terrace bar with a gorgeous view of the Statue of Liberty and New York Harbor. It's located inside of the Conrad New York Hotel in Battery Park, downtown Manhattan, which usually means 2 things: great scenery and pricey cocktails. I was recommended their infamous "Boozy Icepop”: fruity pospicle served in yummy Prosecco. Yes, please !

Comments? Fantastic location to meet afterwork or simply to catch up with friends. Plenty of couches and tables available as well as discreet floor lighting into the night. As for the drinks, with a $20 budget, you can easily replicate their special with a box of your favorite ice pops and a bottle of Prosecco. Enjoy!