Queens Comfort

The smartest dumb food I’ve ever had!
— Yelp

Stopped by this place a while ago in search for one of my favorite things in the world: brunch ! The outside of Queens Comfort was mundane with your average New York roll down grille peeking under the sign. Indoor, you found yourself in a super eclectic, fairy-light lit dorm-room/greek-house type of place; kitschy would be the perfect word. I will admit it was a random weekday afternoon, therefore brunch wasn't being served. *insert sad face here* I was disappointed that I have only found one all-week brunch spot in Queens so far, Sanfords restaurant.

I was with two friends, also brunch enthusiasts. I tried out the Voodoo Queen with some fries from the Bu$y Bee Po'Boyz section. I actually wasn't expecting a sandwich, as I am not very much a fan. I wasn't feeling the combination of fried shrimp, tomatoes and onions on a roll, so stick with a burger or something more familiar next time to avoid any surprises. They ordered the Lil' Dizzy (captain Crunch fried chicken!) and the Egg McRuffin (béchamel, cheddar, bacon and fried egg) with some bomb tater tots; refined "drunk food" at its finest. Our sandwiches were garnished with equally kitschy toothpicks and you know I'm all about the details. Comments? Queens Comfort's lunch menu was decent although I would mostly come back to try out their infamous weekend brunch menu. On the plus side, the restaurant is BYOB so don't forget to stop by at the corner store to grab your favorite beverage !  

For Queens Comfort's hours and menu, click here.