Since I started a little over a year ago, I've collected some of the most frequent questions I received from aspiring fellow writers: 

  1. How do I start ?
  2. Which platform should I use ? 
  3. What if I run out of things to say ?

With our tech-savvy generation, it started out part curiosity of what I can achieve through social media and online, part out of fear of being bored with post-grad life, and part out of my love for writing and photography. I've had several Tumblrs but, like many, I was very shy to exhibit my work, so only very few know of that past. Eventually, I refused to stay on Tumblr because I found myself re-blogging images, texts and quotes that weren't mine; as a writer, that was a big no-no in my book. However, I must add that as a beginner, Tumblr was an amazing resource to pump my creative juice; I've spent countless hours literally scrolling in awe, in laughter and in deep thought from the things I've encountered...mind you, I had at least 2 accounts. *blushes*

Blogger was next. Like Tumblr, it was free and relatively easy to function and customize. Basic HTML skills can be useful otherwise what you see is what you get. I recently switched over to Squarespace which has been an incredible change thus far. For those interested, there's a monthly or yearly charge after a 14-day trial (make use of that time period!) and they let you create your own domain. The templates are pre-made but offer versatile page setups and gagdets, which I'm still toying with. I've loved this upgrade because of their clean, concise and professional layouts that I'd never have accomplished with my menial knowledge of HTML. Techies who can achieve the same look through Blogspot/Blogger and WordPress, more power to you ! Ultimately, it's all about creativity and patience. WordPress requires a lot more HTML knowledge as well and I can't immerse myself into the world of web design so, here I am.

How did I manage to stay strong after these years? As for content, there is no known immunity for writer's block so prepare yourself. My way to cope is through managing different categories aside from my infinite "rants"/blog. This method refreshes my brain since each section is different. I've recently added new topics:

  • Artist Alert aims to expose the talents of my circle and beyond. -Updated Fridays
  • Say Wuh highlights the nerd in me. I love reading and I've come across many unexplained expressions and idioms along the way. Seek and Ye shall find! - Updated weekly 

Back in college, and being a minor for way too long, it was extremely difficult to find fun events. Age was a huge factor unless we had fake ID, and no one wanted to deal with the anxiety of getting the boot.

Lastly, and most importantly, I thought of my favorite blogs and pondered why I bothered to keep up with them so I did what I thought would be impossible: I dug deeper into the writer and artist in me. I opened up to the pages in front of me and a potential audience who knew nothing about me. From that initial fear on Tumblr, I saw myself flourish, as well as the growth of my readers.

Happily ever after. 

Thumbnail cover by Canva