Some Truth...

Let love be genuine
— Romans 12:9-21

There's not enough genuinely nice people in the world. Not enough willing to do #thelittlethings, just because. There isn't enough surprises going around, for the sake of surprises. Snail mails, care packages, a greeting card? People need reasons. People need alibis. People need intentions. It has become a burden to say "hello," or respond an "I miss you too." Instead, our time is consumed by technology, pride and all sorts of unfulfilling short term distractions.

Love should be enough of a reason, an alibi and all the intention you have.

P.S.: Planning something fun for my lovely readers in the very near future because YOU reading this and coming back here daily/weekly/monthly means everything to me. I don't do all this for myself, I'd keep a diary under my bed if that was the case. 'Till then 

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