I came across this new musical genre at work, PBR&B, defined as "emerging, stylistic alternative to contemporary R&B.This genre combines Pabst Blue Ribbon (yes, the beer!) -which has been often associated with hipster scene- and R&B music. Artists include Miguel, Jhene Aiko, The Weeknd, Frank Ocean, SZA and FKA Twigs, to name a few. I officially add Sango to this list as well. You must press play below, please. 

FKA Twigs and her dance moves *insert smiley with heart eyes.* Okay, it's not twerking and maybe it's creepy and eclectic to you so if you aren't convinced, listen to Pendulum.

[A] lot of the production is echo-laden and lofty, often using a lot of synthesizers and filtered drums—sonically giving a nod to Prince’s vintage ‘80s sound. Additionally, for the most part, it doesn’t feel as if these artists are selling sex as their main entrée. Granted, they still sing about the topic, and in explicit detail, but it’s in equal proportion to drugs, spirituality and personal philosophies. You don’t get that same diversity in subject matter from the majority of modern R&B singers.