Friendship โ‰  Competition

I am OK; to be in competition with your so-called-friends is not a friendship. These self-centered motives to stay updated for the wrong reasons won't give you a peace of mind. That's what I've learned and I've never felt more relieved to just be OK with lost friendships. You find yourself fixing things that should've been obsolete. You've wasted precious energy you could be focusing elsewhere. It's a hard lesson and took me months and years to accept but this world is hard enough on us, why surround yourself with people who add to the equation? Find people that subtract the burden and leave you at peace than in pieces.

How do you know if you're in one of these relationships? Your soul is uneasy in their presence yet your human wants satisfy their needs, their expectations. It's more of a priority to be accepted and you think you've beaten loneliness but no, you've now made a home for the pending loneliness you sowed, waiting for its cue to dwell.