Solitary Sundays

A beautiful ambitiousthose words have resounded in my head for a while and that's what I've become. I've molded myself into those three words. I've been blessed to have such high ambitions and even greater strength to pursue them. Small stuff, but they make the difference. I refuse to sit and wallow...for too long anyway.

How many dreams or wishes have you chased after?

Stop counting the couldawouldashouldas and go, just GO. I'm not here to preach, I'm here to tell you how the other side is like so far. I'm not at my destination yet but to once you allow your dreams to lead you, it makes the entire journey such a beautiful experience. I recently spoke to an artist, who goes by s0ulxflower, who moved to NYC a couple months ago to further her passion; Ashley's a year younger than me and will be showcasing her work in the spring. Wisdom doesn't always come with age, sometimes the ounce of hopefulness that lies within your naΓ―vity is all the push you need. I've posted her colorful amazing self-portraits below, focused simultaneously on self appreciation and self reflection. Surrounding myself with people oozing with passions and positivity is where I crave to be. My advice to her, and anyone out there even myself, is to remain in that energy you're in when you create when you thrive. Seek these moments and milk it dry, each time, it's ever so fleeting,

Photo and paintings by Ashley