I came across an interesting post by Janae Raquel, which got me thinking about a touchy subject: insecurities. We're all quite skilled at comparing ourselves to our neighbor, some may be a bit more verbal about it than others. When it reaches an unhealthy level, these insecurities leak into your relationship and it only gets ugly from there.

So, by now we've promised ourselves the gym, that kale salad and perhaps a weekly boxing class then comes the distraction and affluence of media. It's a beautiful advancement in terms of networking and collaboration, I've done it and wouldn't be where I am today as a photographer and blogger without it. However, and I hope you've experienced this so I don't sound crazy, there are those individuals whose page you come across bearing...well, all their gifts. Now, there's nothing wrong with being confident in your assets (pun intended, "you got it, flaunt it") but how far some will go is just baffling. What's worse is we're on the way to becoming desensitized because of the speed and accessibility of all the things surrounding us.

I doubt any of it will go away with a snap of your finger which is why I urge you to pause and give yourself an apology; to focus on you wholeheartedly is the challenge. We aren't all on the same journey. The person next to you may seem to have it all but as far as your concerned, your conceptions of them begins and ends on the surface. Think about when you were a kid, what trait of yours was the most significant? Embrace what sets you apart from the crowd: tall, gap tooth, fro, freckles, curly hair, long hair, curves... As an adult, I honestly find that these wacky and tacky features are your trademark and makes you beautiful. 

Photos by Mike