My Love Letter to Humans...


I want to remember to be true. We often get so caught up in our troubles and poison ourselves that it seems the only relief is to poison our neighbor at peace. I want to stop that today, but bear with me. Whatever I may do in the moments after I'm stressed, angry or hurt by what you may have done, forgive me in advance if I strike back; a boat can only sink if one allows the waves to enter in.

Like all of us, what I do and how I act is the purest reflection of me and what is within. It has nothing to do with you because at the day's end, I choose whom I allow in my space and what affects me. If I am ever weak enough (and probably often) to allow your actions to pierce through me, may I find even more strength to step back and walk away. May none of my actions or words ever cause you more pain than this world has already given you; may you forgive me in my weaknesses as you walk away if you must.

My intentions will never be to hurt or break or destruct. I can and only want to act in love; love is amazing. Pure, genuine, and heartfelt love to and for someone is one of the most magnificent thing you can gift. I know because I have felt love and have been loved, and my wish is that you may too, even just for a moment.

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