Sowing Seeds

 Sowing seeds to reap my harvest:

 I am stagnant because I am sowing seeds; the stability was uncomfortable because I haven't yet understood what was happening behind the scenes, underneath the soil. 

I am stagnant because I am sowing seeds; I expected things to change, prayed and waited. It's not my season, but I will prepare and rest until it is. I will be ready when I'm called to bloom. 

I am stagnant because I am sowing seeds; I anticipated a big shift because I was telling myself patience will miraculously reward me. Instead, I had to re-center my focus on the things, the people, the work that needed my attention. 

I will reap the harvest of my patience, my resilience, my love and I trust that it won't delay by a second. I believe in energy, and intuition, in souls and spirits; therefore, do all with love and see how it will come right back to you, and overflowing in due time.