(Belated) New Year

I've been going through a weird and unfamiliar phase, call it growing pains. I hope I haven't lost your attention, life got in the way and simultaenously priorities and stress stacked -oh, and of course, this East Coast winter has been brutal so I refrained from outdoor activities as I'm susceptible to colds and sinus rages.

Here's a recap of what's up: My birthday was on Wednesday but I celebrated last weekend with family and close friends. We went to Hunter Mountain to ski, which is about 2.5 hours from Queens, NY. I've skied twice in middle school and it's one of those things that you have to experience in a lifetime so I thought to invite my siblings who've never been. We rented this spacious and charming loft through Airbnb, which I'm obsessed with. It's an alternative from your basic hotel lodgings but are actual homes located internationally, fully furnished and stocked with that homey vibe and endless gorgeous rentals. I've made a vacation list and I could still spend hours skimming through. Anyway, this loft fit 10 of us comfortably with a fully stocked kitchen which was an amazing feature because we took turns cooking in pairs for the group. It was such a successful trip altogether although I wish we stayed longer, just to get that R&R time as it was Valentine's/President's Day weekend: we skied, we cooked, we feasted and drank, the ultimate birthday I've always dreamed of and executed. Because I wasn't able to bring my camera out to the ski resort, here's some pictures of the food we deliciously crafted at the loft:

Now enters phase of quality than quantity: age-wise, in all my relationships, in the time I have...our lifetime's too precious to be wasted on emptiness and unhappiness. In order to excuse my prolonged absence I've planned several entries focused around relationships as a matter of fact (while it's still February, right?), so come back soon!

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