Shared Aspirations

I'm learning to channel my thoughts to bigger and better things. I've recently read a quote that stood out to me, "don't be afraid to dream big." It's corny, yada yada, but thought experiment: what if you channeled your energy into your real passions and career? It's only right for these contemplations in my 20s at least. In previous posts, you can calculate how much time I spent questioning, moping, attempting and constantly thinking of others and the difficulty in maintaining relationships; what I learned is to step back and trust God and I haven't been disappointed yet and I find myself constantly having to revert to this mindset. 

Know yourself, when are you genuinely happiest? What do you do in your spare time alone? Let's learn how to understand and invest in ourselves. I love arts and reading, hobbies I'm actually starting to miss a lot. I also miss playing The Sims and getting lost in that world for a couple of hours (in other words, the entire day). I've always enjoyed using my hands to create, craft and build. Truth be told I haven't figured this one yet but I urge you to join me on this challenge. Seriously, if you got this far with me, I'd love to know what are your passions? What are silly things about yourself that you are proud of? What are you doing to help you get closer to your dreams?