Nude Muse Tour

Although the weather hasn't improved much for me to want to step out, I had to support s0ulxflower's first showcase. I've mentioned how we met (thanks to the Instagram Gods) and her amazing work ("Blue Girl") and now the public had the chance to see it up close !  During this 3-day Nude Muse Tour by Crenius, Ashley also did a live painting event but sadly, I wasn't able to attend. I did go to the opening night, saw familiar faces and had the chance to network at Velvet Lounge, located in Brooklyn. It was an intimate crowd full of good vibes, great energy and sensual performance artists, all I can say is that I'm so glad I went. As for the lounge itself, the décor was simple (lots of gold detailing) but beautiful and inviting with plenty of couches. If you're looking to stop by for some afterwork wind down, Wednesday specials are $5 sangria and $10 beer+shot; also, I hear the neighborhood is known for various music venues worth visiting on the weekends. 

Here are some pictures of the performers and artists including Hajar Carter, Amber Marie, Ray Fields, Netoucha Monroe and Justo Ontario, etc.