I'm seeing myself grow; I'm feeling myself grow. It's one thing to see the transition in someone, such as my baby nephew who's turning 2 next weekend, but another being the epicenter of the growth. I'm relatively quiet and keep a lot to myself but I enjoy observing and learning. I'm daily discovering my confidence and self-worth. Insecurities are part of human perfection: what you think is your most hideous flaws are but pure beauty to someone's eyes. The gap tooth, an unexplained scar, the unmatched freckles, a one sided dimple becomes your trademark. 

I feel myself blossoming whenever I accept these little things about myself. We spend a lot of our time criticizing and comparing ourselves in front of the mirror, in front of social media platforms, in front of an anonymous crowd that know not a single thing about us. It's tiring and it reoccurs so I have to learn when step away from it all ! Speaking of, any getaway suggestions? Anyway, I hope you find your little haven where you can regain a peace of mind and enjoy your growth.