Connoisseur of the (Concrete) Jungle

Greetings! I came across this neat quiz about how well you know the New York City's geography. The quiz derived from the dwindling sense of direction of NYC taxi drivers in recent years. From the infamously vexatious Manhattan and inner borough traffic to nonsensical taxi rates, I've experienced first-hand being the passenger of a driver who've struggled with direction so much so that I had to pull out my phone GPS. Silly, huh? Here's the reason: apparently, cabbie exam have reduced the 80 NYC-geogrpahy-related questions down to a measly 10. Coincidentally, the passing rates for the new exams have also increased by 20%.*  

I rarely hail for taxis or Ubers/Lyft for all the reasons mentioned above, plus I've familiarized myself too well with the MTA subway at this point.  I can't imagine being a tourist lost in the concrete jungle with no other alternative but the yellow cabs. Anyways, enough logistics ! Go on and take this quiz and see if you're city savvy...

*Full NYT article here.