Diving Headfirst

What do you when you kind of just don't know? I've been yearning to travel and waiting on the O.K. from God. It hasn't happened but I know it's in the books for me because I've prayed so long for it. I'm just not sure how to tell if JetBlue discounts, endless summer-into-fall festivals and my taxes coming around soon are genuine green lights. Am I fabricating these reasons for my purpose? Is that wrong? It screams yes, especially right now in my present situation but I'm reluctant. I'm afraid of diving too soon and alone before I'm ready... but are we ever truly ready for these opportunities? Are we ever fully equipped? Is money ever enough? Does time ever give you a break? That's the beauty of self-will, discerning the traffic lights at your discretion. I'm starting to feel like if I want it bad enough (and Heaven knows I do), all this day dreaming and wanderlusting, then I should unrelentingly dive in head first and prepare on the way down.

When you have no choice but to steady and pull out the parachute, you innately react for survival. What do I have to lose if I feel I'm investing in what I feel I've needed for so long? Maybe that's the lesson here, learning how to trust your instincts if they're compelling enoughfor you to chase after your desires; learning how to make green lights out of ambiguous yellows and reds.