Present Presence

Relationships are ephemeral. You meet someone and you have all these things in common. You hang out, spend time, nurture it to the fullest. You share secrets and, sometimes, tears. Being in their presence comforts you and you feel at home, relieved. Days, weeks, months and, if you're lucky, years go by and you're closer than ever, reliving yesteryear's honeymoon. Suddenly, one day, something happens and you begin to fall out. Persistence is replaced by excuses as you trade their presence for another's. Genuine intentions reverse into generic inventions of "soon" and "forever." Yesteryear becomes a dream that overstayed its welcome, leaving you with bits and pieces of bitter memories.

How many friends or relationships have you had that turned out this way? When did it teach you to enjoy the present, the presence of whomever is in your life at the moment, because tomorrow isn't promised? Death is sure but have you ever experienced the pain following an unexpected falling out between two individuals, for no apparent reason whatsoever...

Photos by Mike