Soulful High

My soul is spiritually and mentally high. I've experienced an outer body occurrence. O.K. not really, but kind of, I really wasn't prepared for it nor writing this. I met up with an old friend who reminded me of great times, all laughs and smiles. The night ended on a great note which made me extremely appreciative of our friendship despite how rare we've caught up but, more importantly, appreciative of myself. *cue Cheerleader by OMI*

My goal at the moment has been to radiate the vibes I want to receive, literally. If I want something, I first have to give it out and wait until it comes straight back to me, and tonight, that's exactly what happened. Not too long ago, I prayed to see myself and how I treat others, all the good and all the bad. With that in mind, I've had to become more aware of the people I'm around, voluntarily and not and soon enough, I started seeing bits and pieces of reflections of myself. Yes, all the way from the unapologetically childish, impatient, stubborn me to the loving and heartwarming me.

I'm highlighting tonight because it reminded me that I'm doing the right thing. After being in someone's loving presence akin to mine, although our minds hearts tend to venture about, I knew mine's were still in the right place; Talk about a reality check.

Constantly retreat to the places, people, smell, taste and sounds that make you feel at home; bask in the senses that remind you of yourself at your best.