M.I.A from M.I.A.

Holy jeez. Talk about M.I.A. pun intended. I haven't blogged all summer so where do I start? My new job has kept me busy to the brim and I spent the rest of my time with friends and family from NYC all the way down to Florida (16 hour road trip!): in a week's span, I flew down to Tampa for a couple of days, took a Megabus towards Orlando and drove to the lovely Miami with friends for a night before returning to the raunchy Apple. Oh, and I finally went BLONDE. It was exactly what I needed to be by the water, by different people, and by beautiful new views. One of the top reason I'd revisit Miami is to see the Art Deco and artwalk, the easygoing-ness and nearby shore awakens the island girl in me. Expect me back very soon Sunshine State. 

It's nearing the end of summer meaning chai-tea-lattes-leather-jackets-apple-pies-chelsea-boots mode are swiftly approaching. A couple of friends have moved for one reason or another which only taught to me cherish the now and simultaneously embrace new adventures; I respect the courage it takes to pack up and leave, especially with loved ones behind. It only makes me wonder if...

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