My Travel Necessities

Holidays are fast approaching and I'm shocked that we're in the last 2 months of 2016 ! How?! Anyway, I had some time to compile this brief list of my travel necessities as I was packing for Madagascar. Whether it's TSA-friendly items of comfort, beauty or technology, these are my must-haves on any trip !


Smile Brilliant Kit: Need I say more if you read my last campaign with the amazing company? It's palm sized and 1 syringe could last you for about a week or more, depending how often you use your kit. Business or pleasure trips, you're set from important meetings to impromptu photo-ops.

Supergoop : Lightweight face oil with subtle lemongrassy-spring-into-summer smell than melts right into your skin, plus some SPF 50. Get the glow straight off the plane!

Revlon® Ultra HD Matte Lipcolor (HD Romance): I fell in love with MAC's Retro Matte Liquid Lipcolour (Feels So Grand) and found a cheaper dupe with Revlon ! Throw a lil' bit of this right before you land and you'll be jet-set fabulous !

NEST Fragrances Rollerballs: My favorite perfume made ever so portable *tears of joy* ! Obviously this is each to their own scent preference.

DevaCurl Supercream/Shea Moisture Milk/Camille Rose Naturals Curlmaker: Unless you transfer some of the products into a TSA-appropriate container, these may have to be packed in your checked luggage due to liquid restrictions. Nevertheless each are efficient on their own for when you need to get your curls popping again ! 


Blanket/sweater: I get cold too easily so I’m usually prepared with a blanket, a scarf or a layered sweater. Thanks to Philomena & Ruth (St.Louis based brand) for making the coziest and softest "Human" travel sweater.

Travel pillow: This is so necessary for me to have on long drives or plane rides especially with the dreaded middle seat situation (12 hours from Paris to Madagascar, anyone?) Also, I love pillows when sleeping so I can wrap it in a pillowcase and use it to sleep. No need to be all fancy, Target, Marshall's or any department stores are just fine.


Mophie (only available for iPhones and Samsung Galaxies): It has been a lifesaver. When fully charged, it replenishes your battery all the way and pretty quickly (approx. 1h on idle). The only con is that it’s a bit chunky, but honestly all worth it when you see “100%” as you are just starting your evening.

Headphones: If I haven't yet mentioned that I love to sleep, there it is. What puts me in a deeper sleep is good music and I've owned these Panasonic RP-HTX7 for YEARS (ahem, freshman year of college a.k.a 2009). They have some tear and wear to them but the sound is impeccable and the best gift I still use nearly 7 years later !

Le Pliage Travel Bag by Longchamp: A bit on the pricier side of things, but one of my favorite utility bags because of it's quality, design & durability. I've had one since freshman year in college (almost 4 years ago) and it has been through it all but still useful whether I'm carrying my laptop or just everyday basics as a purse. 

Now, did I miss anything? What do you travel with?

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