Date While You Wait

Last week, I was invited to Date While You Wait's Kickstarter Launch Party at Enjoy House in Soho. The location was innovative and pretty sweet: think Breather's office settings meets Airbnb eclectic interior decoration. Furnished with several flat screens, random assortment of vintage and modern seatings and vibrant wall art, plus some ambient lighting and you've got yourself one cool party ahead. I didn't forget the cascading bleachers where an artist drew his subject in less than 10 minutes (my portrait below, thanks Alejandro) ! 

Date While You Wait (DWYW) was found by Thomas Knox of NYC, a fun initiative to brighten your commute with board games, such as the all time favorites, Jenga and Connect 4. His goal? Not so much to get famous, but to engage commuters in the long-forgotten tradition of conversations in our digital age! Described by the Times, "brings distraction, and smiles, to frazzled subway riders," Thomas is currently looking to expand internationally by providing potential hosts with DWYW kits so that everyone can join in on the fun. To help out for his Kickstarter, click here

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