If you've known me for some time, I also do photography. After being inspired by so many great users on Instagram who's profile are simply impeccable, I decided to create my own hashtag, and start my own collection. I was skeptical about what I wanted to portray to the public, from portraits to poems and, eventually after some attempts, my thoughts and eyes gradually became attracted to very specific things and #MrsMoodyLover was born !

I have a love for moody ambiances, whether it's interiors, architecture, food or even people. I have an attraction to colors and nature, becoming a theme in my photos. There is no such thing as enough of these. It's not specifically a light or dark mood and I never plan for this series, they just appear wherever I end up... I mean, don't we all have little weird habits and interests that isn't meant to be explained? Anyway, I really wanted to share it with you as I kept getting questions about the meaning behind it.

Oh! And I actually have my own legit, physical book ! Okay, it's a photo book/album but it's my work, thus I've officially crossed out a bucket list.