The Period Shop (yes, PERIOD)

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Ladies, who knew this day would come?

A shop dedicated to all our PMS needs, from Midol to oils/soaps/bath bombs, hot packs, sweatpants, chocolate and period-centric jewelry pins and stickers for the child in all of us. Besides the ceiling of tampons, my favorite would have to be the bold apparels hanging all over the store (I mean, why wouldn't you want tampon printed neon sweater and cool suggestive socks? *insert heart eye smiley*) Oh, and the obvious feminine care products (pads, tampons and menstrual cups). Did I mention the ice cream corner and complimentary nail bar on the second floor...NAIL BAR ! And the best part, there was also a photo-booth/GIF-maker and a different DJs throughout the span of the pop-up shop, so yes, it was a PMSing woman's dream come true.

All thanks to a Fashion Institute of Technology student, Sarah Michelson, who voiced on Tumblr the lack of such a necessary store ! But this is for my gents too, treat your special lady/wife/mother/sister to some customized care package, trust that she will THANK you. 

Time and Location: 

Friday 05/13 - Sunday 05/15

Fri 11am–9pm; Sat, Sun 11am–6pm

138 Fifth Ave between 18th and 19th Sts.

Can't make it to the city and still want a care package for your time of the month? Don't you make excuses, check out the period store shops ready to order on and Hello Flo (these catchy names make my day) and purchase/create your own period kit.

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