How to Beat Long-Distance Relationships

One of my best friends live in Canada and, after 10+ years (whaat!), one of the most vital advice I can suggest to anyone struggling to upkeep a relationship is effort. Besides the fact that we want to know what's going on in each other's lives, messengers like WhatsApp, Skype and Viber are holy grails of long distance. Even Snapchat recently updated with a video feature, so you have no excuse. While I don't claim myself a guru, I believe I know a thing or two on this topic based on my personal experiences as well as from talking with friends. Although I'm speaking from a romantic relationship perspective in this post, this certainly goes for all types of relationships from friends or family. Why? Because the best relationships are cultivated by the same foundation ! 

when he asks if you want to match shoes (:

Here's my list of 6 suggestions on how to make long distance work for you and your lover:

Make Time !

This goes without saying and should be natural. Life happens in between and it's important to still include them in your daily schedule whether it's good morning/good night calls or keeping the traditions of date night to catch up from a busy week.

Plan Fun Things:

Have an agenda for when you do finally meet; I'm adventurous and am open to trying out new things. In a city like New York, there's so much you can do as far as dates. I religiously follow several sites that host a variety of events from Happy Hour painting, food festivals, Quiet Clubbing, underground performances, art shows and concerts etc. Instagram hashtag/Google your local events !

Practice Selflessness

So your significant other is in town and you're out of ideas about what to do. Don't stress it and ask them, you don't always have to wear the pants in the relationship. Discover together their favorites from hobbies, movies, albums and restaurants/bar/coffeeshop. This is your chance to bond over your lover's individuality and quirks.

"Quality Time": 

All the going out and trying new things is fun but remember some days, an afternoon or night in together perseveres; Netflix and cook or host a game night with close friends. Here's my Pinterest full of yummy new recipes. Enjoy some QT with your qt ;)

The Little Things: 

I am the president of #thelittlethings and who doesn't love surprises? In the course of your time apart until you meet again, keep your eyes peeled for little things you come across that reminds you of them: vintage goodies, fuzzy socks, cool shades, their favorite snack, funny printed boxers, anything...Box it up into a care package or save it for when you reunite.

Give Space to Miss Each Other:

With all the aforementioned technology, communication has never been easier. However, you don't need, and I highly don't suggest, constant communication 365/24/7. Log off, don't forget about you and do the things that make you happy, you'll have lots to share when you talk again.

Let me know how it works for you, how do you beat the distance?