Behind the Scenes of "CIRYM" (Can I Read Your Mind)

A majority of my photography highlights the theme of womanhood and embracing what it means to be us, from strength to sensuality and everything in between. The concept for this video and photoshoot derived from my curiosity in seeing how shadows and light would bounce off our body, our silhouettes. I wanted to rid the idea that the model had to be fully lit or nude in order to see her curves, to catch your attention, to be visually pleasing; I believe in leaving more to the imagination. I wasn't interested in finishing the story for my viewers rather, I allow each person to interpret it how they wish. Regardless of the lack of physical presence between the two main characters, Jelani and Fatimah, the projections you'll see enforced this mental concept which allowed us to truly delve into the core of the track, beyond its evident sexuality.

This experience was as amazing as I imagined it to be, with an extremely supportive crew full of talented individuals. Stay tuned, can't wait to share with you our beautiful visuals !

Until then, check out the single below and my collab gallery for the photoshoot :)

Cast // Rapper: Jelani - Model: Fatimah - Directors: Kervin & Will - Creative/Art Director: Lilas