Instagram-Worthy, Interactive Art !

I visited Refinery 29's #29Rooms on the opening day with my friend, Kiki. As soon as I arrived, I was greeted with a humongous line and nearly recoiled. *flashback* One of the volunteers were giving out express passes if, and only if, you win the scratch off he was handing out. The stars aligned for me in that moment and before I knew it, I was following him three corners around, to the exhibits's entrance ! In addition to celebrity-sponsored rooms, my senses were revived momentarily from fuzzy pink walls, interactive "echo" rooms that mimicked your actions, glow in the dark corner and dangling pink phone receivers that instantly reminded me of "Hotline Bling." *cue Drake*

I'm so sad because, 1) the line for the PANDA ball pit was never-ending, and you know how I feel about queues, so I couldn't get in; 2) my awesome Boomerang clips got deleted ! Unfortunately, for those inquiring, this installation lasted only for the weekend of September 9th-11th but they'll be back next year !

For more info on all the different rooms, click here !